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Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner , Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Shamanic Healing, Horse Communicator, healer, author, energetic balancing for horses and people, musician, song writer, composer, Flying Star Feng Shui

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Benefits of energy work can include: calming of the field and chakras, stress relief, pain relief, improved focusing and general well being and much more.

Energy Medicine or Shamanic  healing sessions

are available by appointments and distant healing also..

Feeling stuck and can't seem to move forward? If you want to change your life , you must change the choices you are making. My fee for table work is $100.00 per hour for energetic balancing which can include any  or all of the following :

Healing Touch,

Shamanic Work

Emotional Freedom Technique 

Energy Medicine

Shamanic Healing 

Pyramid Cradle Technique: This was channeled through me in a session. It's purpose is to strengthen the field by bring in the five elements which are Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal.

I work with what ever shows up on the table. These sessions are usually one hour long and can run longer. I use a combination of drums, rattle, feathers, stones, pyramids, rainsticks, flute music,and whatever Spirit guides me to use. This is to create a sense of deep relaxation in the mind, body and spirit. Experience a closeness with spirit with the intention to help you find the answers you need to move forward in your life.  The Shamanic work can shift and move issues at a much deeper level which  allows the healing to shift at a much deeper level of understanding.  I have been trained and have the knowledge to deal with the work that needs healing. It is an honor to be doing this work. I've just finished my level 7A with Standing Bear and have a depth of respect and knowledge that is always available to me.




 Ready to shift into feeling better, more hopeful, inspired? Is something holding you back? That can change!

If you feel you don’t have any time, and your procrastination/avoidance techniques have moved into “expert” status...


Allow me to share a simple easy to apply technique that will start working for you today.
• Transforming - from overwhelmed to calm
• Dissolving your self-critical internal voice, which keeps you down
• Letting go of past and present hurts/sorrows/fears
• Feeling real, measurable changes in yourself - right away
• Reducing Stress! Thinking clearly! Making your best choices!

 EFT works on clearing patterns in the subconscious mind that effect us on a  conscious level. I help you to shift blocked energy in the body that you are holding due to the learned behaviors that you got from your parents, friends, co-workers, teachers etc. Most of the  pain, anxiety, panic attacks, wounds, limited beliefs and much more are programs that the mind sends to the body. It you think thoughts of stress, your body responds to the thoughts you create. Copy and paste the websites and learn more. Contact me if you would like a treatment.  Available through Skype to do private sessions.



Jacques Martel has developed a powerful and affective way of cutting the cords that we attach sub-consciously without our knowing. This drains our energies without our knowledge. By cutting the cords, you take back your energy and release the cords with unconditional love and light so that you can move ahead in life. Attached cords robs us of vital energy. This technique can me used between two people or some situations that you are dealing with from anything like money issues, family issues, health issues, traumas, fears, and so on.

I charge $50 for a treatment which includes 5 cord  cutting techniques


Feng Shui is a multi dimensional world of ways to shift energy in the home, office, outside and body. It connects with your energy, and improper placement of items can affect anything from your money, health, relationships, career, reputation, creativity and may include even your chakra alignment.

NOTE: If you want to book a session, click on Book Walking with Angels . Contact me so that I can email you a copy of my book in PDF only. 

Cyndi Dale wrote ,” The revolving doors of our lives is much more than what we see in the mirror. 

 Our heart’s desires come from our essence. Our essence is both the spiritual and physical manifestation of the Divine Source want for us. Our essence desires to be its full self on the physical and all other planes. The human energy system, because it works like a revolving door between the spiritual and the physical, is the optimum vehicle for both healing the issues preventing full expression and the manifestation of our essence’s true desires.”







Disclaimer: Charleen Lombard is an educator. She is not a medical doctor and does not diagnose, prescribe for or cure disease. The information given is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be taken as medical advice. No therapeutic claims or medical claims are intentionally either implied or made. The educational information shared is intended to help your body work more efficiently to heal itself. Any use of the ideas presented is done solely by the responsibility of the individual. Charleen Lombard or any of her resources are not liable for any problems incurred. If you choose to try an idea presented, the results may vary depending on the severity of the condition and the length of time that it has existed. Consulting a medical doctor is recommended.

























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