Charleen Lombard. C.E.M.P. Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Spiritual consultant, musician, author, story teller , Shamanic healing , horse whisperer.

A Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner helps you to heal yourself from self abuse and teaches you how to bring balance and peace in your life first which brings this healing to others around you.

I started with Healing Touch in 2003. This program has taught me how to heal myself and take others by the hand and guide them to heal themselves. This is a worthwhile journey. I grew up in Nova Scotia and moved to Calgary in 1998. I have written a book on how this energy healing work impacted my life while working on horses. They helped me get in touch with my spirit songs that I knew were in my heart. I deeply believe that we can heal ourselves and the planet if we are willing to just do the work. I believe that the future of energy work will bring the world back into balance, but it starts with each individual person. The purpose of Healing Touch is to bring hope to humanity by helping people learn to live in balance. By balancing body, mind, heart and spirit, we can connect with our own heart space by bringing the physical body into balance. After learning Healing Touch for the past 9 years, I also studied Energy Medicine under Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook and Marsha Read which I am now certified in.

I was introduced to Energy Medicine in 2004 and got certified in 2011.  What I've learned with this program is that it easily blends in with other modalities. I have worked with animals, such as horses and found that it is a true passion of mine, which led me in writting a small book called Walking with Angels.

TYLEM- Transform Your Life Through Energy Medicine – developed by Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook. This contains five parts lasting six days followed by a practicum and certification if desired. The course contains these training   "Clearing the Self, Healing Wounds, Changing Limiting Beliefs, Healing Relationships Energetically, Reshaping Family Energy Patterns. " I've also taken the course to communicator energically with horses through the program of Energy Medicine.

In 2007, I met my wisdom teacher whom I've named personally Two Paws. He holds the healing hands of the heart energy. I am now an advanced student of Two Paws and have been walking his path ever since. He is also know as Standing Bear. He teaches his Cherokee gifts of love and compassion. I am deeply grateful for the many lessons I have learned walking beside him and I believe he is one of the wisest elders I have met.  

In 2010 Drumming 4 Light was established to help people connect to the wisdom of the heart medicine.. When we listen to the drum, we connect with our own heart beat, the heart beat of Mother Earth and experience the ONENESS of ALL that is, was and ever will be. Drum meditations can help people to bond at a deep level with their heart, the earth and enhances our ability to work together for the good of All. 

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